TBC Indoor Go-Kart Racing - Richmond

notes from Mom


I don't know about your kids, but mine would drop everything to go go-karting.  It's their (as well as my husband's) big chance to have a thrill.  The only problem in Vancouver is we don't have many go-kart tracks to pick from, and even fewer that are indoors.  My friend, Debbie, told me about TBC Indoor Go-Kart Racing, and she said her family has a blast whenever they go.  She was also impressed by the safety precautions the staff take, and how well the operation is run.  Apparently it's a 55,000 square foot facility.  Anyway, we haven't made it out to TBC yet, but I'm sure it won't be long after my kids find out about it.


The address is 2100 Viceroy Place, Richmond.  If you'd like more information call (604) 232-9196 or visit www.tbcir.ca.




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