The Edge Climbing Centre – North Vancouver

Notes from Coleman


Ever tried rock climbing?  Me neither.  The closest I’ve ever come was peering through my Dad’s binoculars so I could spot climbers going up the Stawamus Chief.   At first they were hard to find.  But it didn’t take long before I figured out what to look for:  clusters of bright colors (usually climbers don’t climb alone), ropes dangling down, stuff like that.

I never thought in a million years I’d ever try rock climbing.  Don’t tell anyone, but it looked way too scary for me.  Then last weekend, out of the blue, I found myself strapped into a harness and scaling a rock wall, literally heaving myself up from one peg to another.  Let me tell you, it was tough:  like doing a hundred push-ups and I don’t mean the easy ones.  You must think I’m quite the athlete.  Don’t I wish?  The truth is I wasn’t on the face of a mountain, nowhere near:  more like the Edge Climbing Centre in North Vancouver.  It’s actually inside a big warehouse, not far from where I live, a.k.a. North Vancouver.  We had our wind up party for soccer there.  It was a lot of fun.  At the end we had pizza and pop for lunch.

Did you know rock climbers wear special shoes?  They look like something Spiderman would wear.  If you don’t know anything about rock climbing, don’t worry, there are plenty of people working at the Edge who can help you.  So if you want to try rock climbing without really rock climbing, and not having to buy all the special equipment, I suggest you try the Edge.


The Edge Climbing Centre is located at #2-1485 Welch Street, North Vancouver.  For more information:


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