Vancouver International Airport (YVR) - Richmond

Notes from Coleman


Whenever our family goes to an airport we’re only interested in one of two things:  getting on a plane or getting off a plane.  Mom’s always worried we won’t have enough time to get through customs.  She thinks because we got randomly selected for a scan in an airport in Hawaii five years ago that it could happen again at any moment.  Dad needs to check the arrival schedule every five minutes to make sure our flight isn’t leaving sooner or later than it’s supposed to.  Jen keeps asking when she can go and buy a magazine, and Nathan he doesn’t even go with us anymore because we’re too boring.  Me, I’m the only normal one.  All I’m interested in is getting some fast food before we board, so I don’t have to eat what’s on the tray they serve you on the plane.

I mean let’s be honest; going to the airport for me is about as much fun as visiting the dentist.   Which is kind of too bad, cause there are lots of cool things you can see and do while you’re at an airport.   Look at planes is one.  I like looking at planes and trying to figure out where they come from.   I know Qantas has a kangaroo on the back, KLM has a crown, and Air Canada has a maple leaf.   I also like watching planes take off and land.  It’s neat watching their flaps open and shut automatically, and their wheels disappear somewhere into the bottom.

Vancouver Airport is one of the neatest airports I’ve ever been to.  (Not that I’ve been to too many).  It has a miniature waterfall and a huge green jade statue with some people paddling in a canoe.  Dad said it’s called The Spirit of Haida Gwaii and it was carved by Bill Reid.  He’s a famous Native Indian carver.  It also has plenty of gift shops if you want to buy a souvenir and places to eat if you get hungry.

I say the best time to see the airport is when you don’t actually need to be there.  Here’s an idea:  go on the weekend and have lunch there.   Don’t tell your parents, but there’s even a food court that has a fast food restaurant.  Be sure to go to the spectators section; it has big windows for viewing the planes.

The only thing you have to be careful of is not getting lost.  Vancouver Airport is so big you could easily get confused and forget where your parents are.  Ask my Mom, she got lost once.  As Dad puts it, Mom has the worst sense of direction he has ever seen.  No wonder we’re always late for my away games.


YVR is easily accessible by taking the Canada Line Skytrain from downtown Vancouver.  For more information about Vancouver International Airport:


Richmond (YVR is actually on Sea Island, just west of Richmond).


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