Plane Spotting at Vancouver International Airport - Richmond


One thing that always impresses our family is shopping on Number 3 Road in Richmond, and seeing a Jumbo Jet fly right overhead as it approaches Vancouver International Airport.  Plane spotting can be a nice way to spend a day with the kids. The ooh's and ah's can be heard as the big jets roar across the sky.  Try to determine the type of plane, and the country of the airline.


Some popular places to plane spot:

Just after crossing the Dinsmore Bridge on Sea Island, the flat area on either side of Russ Baker way is a good place to see the plane activity at the eastern end of runway 08/26. This location has picnic benches and is a popular family spot.

The area near the Iona Jetty is also a good place to see the plane activity at Vancouver International Airport's new runway (26R-08L).




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