Jogging along the West Vancouver Centennial Seawalk‏

by Mom


I never thought I'd see the day when my husband took up jogging. His main beef was always that jogging was too much work, especially going up the hills. What made him change his mind? He found a way of making jogging fun--the West Van Seawall--not a hill in sight, plus it has some of the best views in the house for Stanley Park, Lion's Gate Bridge, and Vancouver. Did I mention the cruise ships going by at 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM (May thru September only). If you time it right you may even see the sunrise or sunset. We've attempted both, and I have to admit the sunset wins hands down over the sunrise. Kelvin even had to stop running to enjoy the spectacular view (or maybe that was just an excuse to take a break). Anyway, I can safely say (and I think Kelvin will agree), if he can do it, anybody can. 


The West Vancouver Centennial Seawalk connects Ambleside Park and Dundarave Park.  The distance from Dundarave Pier to the Dog park at Ambleside is approximately 3.5 km (7km return). 


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