Westminster Abbey Benedictine Monastery - Mission

notes from Mom


If you want to go somewhere for a picturesque drive, try Mission.  Green rolling hills, farms, and the Fraser River are what you see.  We visited the monastery called Westminster Abbey up on the hill above the city of Mission.  Nathan was disappointed because the monks were wearing golf shirts and long pants.  He was expecting long robes with a rope around the waist.  Actually we had to sneak a peak at the monks singing their hymns, because visitors are not allowed to wear shorts in the church. 

The monastery is located in a truly beautiful locale with miles and miles of rolling hills, and the Fraser River and the Coast mountains as a backdrop.

Age group:

All ages although the monks like it quiet when their meditating and a crying baby wouldn't be too good.

Expense rating:



The surrounding scenery is gorgeous with rolling hills and a panaromic view of the Fraser Valley from the viewpoint at the Monastery.



Because the monks don't like to be disturbed all the time you can only visit on weekdays from 1:30 pm - 4 pm, and on Sunday from 2 pm - 4 pm.  The monastery is located at 34224 Dewdney Trunk Road in Mission.  For more information, call 604-826-8975.  Website: www.sck.ca




All seasons

Educational highlights:

The monks at Westminster Abbey have created a self-sufficient pastoral way of life, and follow the teachings of St. Benedictine.

Fun for the adult?:

I don't know if I would drive out to Mission just to see the monastery, but a stop of the monastery lends a bit of variety in addition to stops at Rolley Lake or the Hatzic Rock.