White Rock Beach

by Jenavieve


I like to eat fish and chips.  One day I had this great idea that we catch our own fish and Mom turn it into fish and chips.  Everybody liked the idea except for Mom of course, who doesn't like frying fish.  Dad took us to a place with a long pier (1500 feet long!) and a gigantic white rock.  It was even called White Rock.

I caught 3 shiner perch, 2 bullheads, and a really neat flat fish that Dad said looked like a sole.  All Nathan caught was a crab and one bullhead, which made him mad, because he likes to think of himself as The Master Fisherman.  Mom said it was too bad but we'd have to eat out for fish and chips.  There's plenty of restaurants to pick from in White Rock, and it seemed like they all had fish and chips on the menu.  After lunch we walked along a paved path which led us to a playground with a big boat.  A big train whistled by us.  It was so close I could almost touch it.  By the time we came back to the beach the tide was way out.  Nathe and I made a sand city while Mom tried to stop Coleman from putting sand and seaweed in his mouth.  Dad was trying to read a book for his job.  I don't know how he does that with his eyes closed.  We went home at night and I fell asleep dreaming about the big one that got away.

Age group:

All ages

Expense rating:

Pay parking


Going to White Rock is like going on a mini vacation.  It takes about an hour to get there, and you get to eat out, and there's lots of sand and fun stuff to do.  It even has shops if you remembered to bring your wallet.


It takes about an hour to get to White Rock.  We have a baby and he hates sitting in his car seat for a long time.  Coleman started to cry and we had to stop the van so he could stretch his legs.  Also bring spare change for the parking meters.  Dad had to borrow money from Nathan because he ran out.  Speaking of parking, don't go too late, or you won't find a parking spot.  After lunch, the town was buzzing with people, and there was no place left to park.


Take Highway 99 almost to the Peace Arch U.S./Canada border.  Take the last exit before the border and follow the sign to White Rock.  For information call (604) 541-2179.  Website: www.whiterockbc.comwww.whiterockonline.com


White Rock 


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Educational highlights:

Every time we've gone to White Rock we've seen at least one thing we've never seen before.  One time it was a llama parade, another time it was some really neat hot rod cars, and last time it was the whistling train.

Fun for the adult?:

I know Mom likes White Rock because she always says "good idea," when Dad suggests it.  I don't know, however, what she likes best about it, the beach or not having to cook.  Dad likes it because he can catch up on his reading, or should I say sleeping.