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Maplewood Flats Wilderness Conservation Area - North Vancouver
by Nathan

The Wild Bird Trust centre at the entrance is a good source for information about the wild birds in the area

A bird watching paradise

Activity: This tidal marsh area just east of the Second Narrows bridge is a sanctuary for wild birds and other wild life.  We went there on a very hot August afternoon for a walk.  After six weeks of hot weather and not very much rain, the marshes looked pretty dry.  I think the bird watching would probably be better in fall wet weather.  When we got there, the park attendant warned us that a black bear had just been spotted about an hour before.  Aside from Dad making growling sounds to scare us, we didn't see the bear but we saw fresh bear droppings. 

Age group: All ages 

Expense rating: Free 

: Flat walking trails. 

: Not too much action the day we visited. It's not the most picturesque area with a chlorine plant across from the park.

Details: Located at 2645 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver, about 2 kilometres east on the Dollarton Highway, after you exit the Second Narrows bridge.  Look for the "wildlife viewing" signs.  The entrance to the flats is almost directly opposite the "Crab Shack" on Dollarton Highway.  For more information call (604) 990-3800. 

Also check out nearby Maplewood Farms - North Vancouver

Area: North Vancouver 

Season: All seasons 

Educational highlights: Many different kind of birds

Fun for the adult?: To tell you the truth we found the walk around the area to be a bit of a 'yawner' but I imagine if you're into bird watching it's paradise.

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