Burnaby Mountain - A Picnic

by Nathan


This is a favourite evening activity in the summer.  Rather than cook dinner on a hot summer evening we jump into the minivan, pickup some fried chicken, pizza, or sushi; and throw some pop into the cooler and head up to Burnaby Mountain park.  Burnaby Mountain park has a spectacular view of Vancouver, Richmond, and the harbour and mountains.  Dad always brings his binoculars.  Usually on Tuesday or Wednesday nights the Simon Fraser University Bag Pipe Band practices at the park which makes the atmosphere even nicer.  There's a small play ground there, hiking trails, and the awesome Kamui Mintara (Playground of the Gods) sculpture.  But the most fun thing to do?  In August when it is nice and dry, bring some cardboard and slide down the hill on the dry grass.

Age group:

All ages, and make sure to invite cousins, and grand parents. 

Expense rating:

$ for food, otherwise free parking and picnic tables. 


Totally awesome view of the city, harbour, and mountains.  Riding cardboard down the hill on the dry grass in August. 




Burnaby Mountain Park is just below Simon Fraser University.  Call (604) 294-7450 for more information.

Educational highlights:

Awesome city views highlight the geographical features of our incredibly beautiful city.  Can you identify and name three North Shore mountains?  Can you find the air traffic control tower at the Vancouver International Airport?




All year around

Fun for the adult?:

Awesome views. Calming and relaxing atmosphere. Sound of bag pipes.