Simon Fraser University - Burnaby

by Jenavieve


Dad claims to have gone to Simon Fraser University (SFU) for a few years before they pushed him out the door to the University of British Columbia.  You'll be impressed with SFU cause it's plunked right on top of Burnaby Mountain, and has great views of Vancouver and surrounding areas.  It was built in the 60's by renowned architects Arthur Erickson and Geoffrey Massey.  Quite a few science fiction shows have been filmed at SFU because of the unique architecture.  Dad says the design and architecture is really different because people experimented a lot in the 60's.  It's all concrete which some people like and some people hate.  All the buildings are interconnected so you can run through the halls and from building to building without going out in the rain.

Also check out the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology which is open Monday to Friday 10 am - 4 pm, admission by donation.


At the top of Burnaby Mountain.  The most straight forward route from Vancouver is to take Hastings Street through Vancouver to Burnaby.  Continue along Hastings Street past Sperling Avenue and start looking for the signs directing you to SFU.   Guided tours:  phone 291-3325.  General information 291-3111.  Pay parking.  Website:




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