Fishing - Caulfeild - West Vancouver

By Jenavieve (The Champ)


I don't like to brag or anything, but I am the undisputed Champ - when it comes to fishing.  Let me explain: for the past five years our family has held a fishing derby, and I've won every single last one of them.  That takes a little more than Lady Luck.  Sorry Nathan (he's my poor loser brother).

We either go to the Ambleside Beach Pier or the rocks at Caulfeild.  I like the rocks best.  Caulfeild is a really pretty spot, and not too many people know about it.  We've never taken Coleman.  Some rocks are pretty steep and Mom's afraid he might fall into the water.  Plus Dad doesn't want to get wet.  

I've actually seen people catch "big fish" there - the type you serve on your dinner table.  All we ever catch are bullheads and perch.  Although last time I snagged a baby salmon and Nathan caught an eel.  It's a good thing we've never caught a big one.  To tell you the truth, I hate eating fish. 


To get to Caulfeild, you need to travel west along Marine Drive in West Vancouver.  Caulfeild is a few miles past Dundarave Village.  Turn off Marine Drive on to Piccadilly South, then turn left on to Pilot House Road, and follow the road to the water. 


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