Crescent Beach - Surrey

by Mom


Crescent Beach is located in South Surrey, and for our family is a relaxing, low-key alternative to the hustle and bustle of nearby White Rock Beach in the summer.  It's a great place for playing on the beach, swimming, kite flying, and looking for clams and crabs.  It's also a great place for fish and chips.  There's a pleasant gravel path that runs parallel to the beach in front of all the quaint beach-front cottages. 

Age group:

All ages. 

Expense rating:

Free, even parking. 


Nice alternative to hustle and bustle of White Rock.  Great beach when the tide is out or in.


There is sometimes quite a current that runs parallel to beach, so beware when the kids are swimming. 


To get to Crescent Beach, assuming you are taking highway 99 south from Vancouver, exit off Highway 99 just before where highway 99a and 99 intersect.  Follow the signs to Crescent Road.  Follow Crescent Road, which is a very pleasant drive, to its end.  Call (604) 501-5000 for more information.




All seasons 

Educational highlights:

Do you know what a bi-valve is? 

Fun for the adult?: