Fish& Chips on the Pier - Steveston

notes from Mom


Every summer we do this at least once:  drive down to Steveston on a warm night and eat Fish & Chips on the pier.  We always ask for an outside table, so we can enjoy the sunset and watch the buzz of activity in and around the fishing boats.  It's the place to go if you're looking for fresh fish and prawns.  Last year one fisherman was selling beautiful prawns for $7 a pound (head intact).

Anyway, back to eating.  Sitting outside has one other hidden advantage--you don't feel so bad when one of your kids ultimately drops some food or spills  their drink.  In fact dropping food can lead to an interesting pre-occupation for the kids--feeding the birds--which is a whole other story I won't get into right now.

The food on the pier is reliably mediocre.  I mean we're talking about fish and chips here.  How bad or good can it get?  Anyway, it doesn't matter.  The fun of eating outside on the pier is what draws us back. 

After we've stuffed ourselves full of fried food, we usually feel inspired to get some exercise.  Garry Point Park is a short (and flat) walk away.  There you can fly kites or ride your bikes along the dyke.  If you have younger children, I recommend you try the big playground by the Steveston Community Centre. 

Age group:

You're never too old or young to enjoy eating on the pier at Steveston. 

Expense rating:

Most of the restaurants on the pier are about the same price.  You'll pay about ten bucks for a fish & chips meal.  You may want to scout around for the restaurants with kid's menus.  They usually have crayons and colouring sheets too. 

Some of our readers swear by the small take out fish & chip place right on the dock.  It's called Pajo's At The Wharf.  The only drawback is that Pajo's has limited seating and they don't serve wine or beer.  Which isn't that bad, considering a glass of wine these days cost almost as much as the meal.  Actually Pajo's is in the direction of Garry Point Park.  Just bring a blanket and you're all set.


We used to religiously pay homage to "Dave's Fish and Chips" on the pier.  Unfortunately Dave's on the pier went out of business (however their Moncton Street location is still open if you're keen).  Anyway we always viewed Dave's as a dining experience:  you never quite knew what was going to happen.  Like one year the service was unbelievably bad.  I swear our waitress took her dinner break while she was serving us.  We spent time our time counting fishing boats and petting this huge black Lab sitting beside our table.  We still had a marvelous time in spite of the service.  It's a little like life really:  you have ups and downs but the challenge is what you make of it.

The kids love the playground by the Steveston Community Centre at the corner of Moncton St. and No 1 Road.  It has a huge wooden boat they can play hide-and-seek on, a big ball hanging down from what looks like a clothesline which kids can ride on, lots of swings, slides, and climbing apparatus.  This is one of the few parks our nine-year-old still has fun playing on. 


As I already alluded to, Steveston gets busy in the summer.  Not to the point where it's like Disneyland, but if you don't like crowds I wouldn't go on a beautiful summer's day.


Steveston is a wonderful little fishing village located in the south-west corner of Richmond. It has quaint shops and lots of fish and chip restaurants. 

I'm the worst person in the world for directions, but I can remember landmarks.  We live in North Vancouver, so we pretend that we're going to Tswassen.  Take the #99 highway south through Richmond.  Just before the Massey Tunnel look for the turn-off sign for Steveston.  Take the Steveston exit and go west for about 3 or 4 miles.  Just follow the signs.  Website:

Also check out the nearby Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Britannia Heritage Shipyard - Steveston, Garry Point Park, and Richmond Trails and Dykes


Steveston area of Richmond


Most of the shops and restaurants in Steveston are open year round.  The only drawback in going during the off-season is that it's pretty chilly to eat outside, plus the sun sets before most people feel like eating dinner.  The good part, however, is that you can nose around at your own pace because there aren't hundreds of other people with you.

Educational highlights:

A number of fishing vessels moor in front of the boardwalk.  You can buy fresh prawns, crab, and salmon when they're in season. 

Fun for the adult?:

I don't know about you, but I like sitting back on a warm summer's night, and enjoying a glass of wine as I watch the sun set.  The pier at Steveston is a relaxing, unpretentious place to eat and watch the world go by.