Garry Point Park - Steveston

by Jenavieve


We usually go to Garry Point Park after having Fish and Chips at Dave's Restaurant - Steveston.  Mom says we need to work off the Fish and Chips so we go to Garry Point for a walk.  It's got a great view of the tugs and fishing boats coming and leaving the Fraser River.  Being flat, it's a perfect place to walk, especially if you're little like me.  Sometimes we fly a kite, or Nathan builds a fort on the beach.  There's also a Japanese garden.  And the sunsets are super dee duper. 

Age group:

All ages

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This is a great place for Mom and Dad to unwind and makes eyes at each other, while us kids can watch the boats, fly a kite, or play tag on the beach. 


The park can sometimes be windy so remember to take a sweater or jacket. 


Just west of Steveston Village.  Go west on Moncton St. (the main street in Steveston), to the end of Moncton St., then follow the pathway past the Gulf of Georgia Cannery - Steveston all the way to land's end.  For information call (604) 271-8280. 




All seasons 

Educational highlights:

Scotch Pond, on the north side of the park was once a moorage pond for gillnetters and trollers. 

Fun for the adult?:

The nice thing about Garry Point Park is that it's close to all the other attractions in Steveston. After flying a kite at Garry Point Park, bike on the dykes, eat fish and chips at Dave's, visit the cannery or shipyard or just poke around the quaint shops.