Fairy Tale Lane - West Vancouver

by mom


West Vancouver has a picture-perfect seawall you can walk along to your heart's content--but after you've done it one hundred times, you might want to see something different. This is how my husband and I discovered Fairy Tale Lane. We parked our car at Dundarave Beach like we always did, and were about to set off towards the Lion's Gate Bridge, like we always did, when we at the last minute decided to walkin the opposite direction towards Horeshoe Bay. You have to walk along the road instead of a seawall, so you lose sight of the ocean at times. What you get to look at instead of water are some pretty amazing homes. My husband was struck by the peacefulness and charm of the area, and thereby named it Fairy Tale Lane. It's your imagination coming true before your very eyes. We followed the lanes for about forty minutes and then turned back. Of course, it was a little tough pulling into our own driveway, after we saw such beautiful homes, but we got over it. As an aside, a little further along Marine Drive (towards Horseshoe Bay), is another show-stopper neighbourhood called Piccadilly South. It also has the Caulfied Rocks, perfect for diving off on a hot summer's day.


Start near the Dundarave Beach Pier at the foot of 25th Street, West Vancouver, but go west along Bellevue Avenue.


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