Westminster Quay - New Westminster

notes by Nate


Have you ever seen an honest-to-goodness submarine?  If you'd like to, there's a Russian one anchored at the Westminster Quay.  Dad took me on it.  Boy was it neat--but I'm glad it didn't go under the water while we were on it.  I think we would have sank for sure.  It has a whole bunch of holes where water could get in.

After we saw the submarine, Mom and Jen joined us for lunch at the Quay.  Dad and I always have the Japanese food, Jen has a cheeseburger, and Mom usually has a muffin with coffee.  Then we went for a bike ride along the board walk, until we got to the park.  Mom likes to look at the pretty flowers they have planted all along the boardwalk.  My favourite is the tree with the big yellow bells hanging on it. 

Age group:

All ages 

Expense rating:

The submarine tour is about $7 for adults and $5 for children.  Lunch at the Quay is reasonable.  Parking is free (3 hour validated parking).


The Quay is located alongside the Fraser River, a beehive of activity.  I've seen big log booms pulled by tug boats, huge barges of sawdust, a barge of squished cars piled one on top of each other, and sea lions (they're lured upstream during oolichan season in April and May).

Last time we went Mom bought me a purple rock at the gem shop (there's a few stores you can buy stuff at), and Mom bought Jen a basket of strawberries.  Mom says the produce selection is okay, but not as good as Granville Island - Vancouver.  Dad was happy because we didn't have to pay for parking, since we got our ticket validated. 


If you go to the Quay on the weekend, parking can be tough to find, but if all else fails you can resort to one of the side streets. 


The Westminster Quay is located at the foot of 8th street in New Westminster.  There's a sky train station and bus exchange across the street. 

For more information call (604) 520-3881.  Website: rivermarket.ca

Also check out the public market at the Lonsdale Quay - North Vancouver.


New Westminster 


All seasons 

Educational highlights:

Children can learn how rivers are used as transportation links.  They can also go on a real live submarine. (August 2000 update: the Russian submarine has mysteriously disappeared (to Victoria) and has been replaced the Royal City Star, a floating casino)

Fun for the adult?:

If you like flowers, the Quay always has an eye-catching assortment, some quite unusual.  We enjoy strolling along the boardwalk as the kids ride their bikes.  Some of the townhouses along the walkway are also worth looking at.  I've also seen people fishing off the boardwalk.  One day I saw a handful of people each leaving with two or three big salmon.