Blackie Spit, Crescent Beach - Surrey

Notes from Mom


If you're a fan of bird watching, this place is for you.  Blackie Spit is one of the hottest spots in Canada to go bird watching.  Over 200 species of birds have been recorded there.  The sandy spit and tidal marsh make a perfect resting spot for migratory birds going up and down the coast of North and South America.  Great Blue Herons, American Widgeons, Northern Pintails, and even Bald Eagles make pit-stops at Blackie Spit. Keep an eye on the sand bars too.  You might see a Harbour Seal and her pups lounging on the sand.  To be honest with you, we've never been to Blackie Spit.  I didn't realize it was within walking distance of Crescent Beach.  I definitely plan on checking it out the next time we go to White Rock.


Blackie Spit is located at Crescent Beach in South Surrey.  You can get there by taking the Crescent Beach exit off Highway 99.  Follow Crescent Road until you're almost at the end, then turn right on Sullivan Street, and right again onto McBride Avenue. If you'd like more details call (604) 501-5100 or visit




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